Safety Tips To Ensure a Secure Concert-Sporting Limo Ride

Nothing can be as fun as going on a concert trip with your friends. And to add to the fun, you could even hire a limousine. However, if safety is not ensured, it can turn into a disaster. While riding in style to the concert seems like a dream come true, it’s essential that you ensure safety. To ensure a safe, secure, and comfortable journey to your destination, make sure you proactively follow the following safety tips.

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1. Confirm that your driver is licensed
It’s best to get assurance from your limo sporting event limo service that your driver is licensed. This ensures that the driver has the capability to transport passengers, a clean criminal and driving record, a medical report confirming a clean bill of health, and completed a defensive driving course.

2. Wear seat belts
One of the reasons for so many casualties during the Schoharie crash of October 2018 was that the people sitting in the back were not wearing seat belts. Make sure you and all your guests are wearing seat belts before the vehicle sets in motion. Studies have shown that wearing seat belts reduces crash related deaths and injuries by 50%.

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3. Keep the noise down
Even though a limo is meant for partying, do not forget that it is still a car traveling at high speeds. Understand your driver’s needs to remain focused on the road and keep the noise down, lest it should become a disturbance for the driver.

4. Check federal records
Visit, which is the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) searchable Safety and Fitness Electronic Records system, to check for all information regarding the company’s operating status, number of vehicles and drivers, and inspection record.

5. Locate safety equipment
Before the car starts, ask the driver to give you all information regarding where all the safety equipment is located. He will tell you where the first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and hammers are placed to escape the vehicle in emergencies.

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Pro tip: It’s always a good idea to check for reviews of the sporting event transportation in NJ. Also look for references. This might help gain faith in the company you are planning to hire.

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